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About Us

 Andrew Barber & Associates (AB&A) Sdn Bhd
The AB&A team has extensive experience in anti-counterfeiting and IP work, who currently focuses on shipping intelligence and the monitoring of counterfeit trade patterns. In addition, the investigative effort is supported by research and analysis from experienced Malaysian operations staff, who bring corporate, IT and linguistic skills to the equation. On the enforcement side, AB&A  frequently collaborate with Royal Malaysian Customs, Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs and the Royal Malaysian Police. In addition, AB&A works on an ad-hoc basis with a wide range of former police, security, and military officers, as well as contacts in shipping, journalism, business, finance etc. etc. AB&A's range of contacts allows for tailor-made solutions for individual research projects, without the burden of regular and steady over-heads thereby permitting a cost-effective response to our client's needs.