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 List of Services

Intellectual Property Rights
AB&A has developed extensive experience in investigating Intellectual Property Rights violations in Malaysia. Thanks to its close connections to enforcement agencies, and a proven track-record of success in investigation, it is the chosen service provider for a major industry coalition. An ability to manage regional operations, and a sophisticated data-base and research capability enables AB&A to offer the complete IP package.

Business Facilitation & Support Services
AB&A represents and hosts a number of business and industry clients, who seek a presence and capability in Malaysia and South East Asia, without the cost and burden of running a full-scale office. AB&A is able to offer the full range of business support and facilitation needs, including managerial oversight. Current clients include a major oil & gas industry training provider and a global player in the aviation industry.

Security Audits
AB&A has extensive experience of conducting physical security audits of business and residential properties alike. AB&A does not offer guarding services, nor does it supply equipment. Its advice is therefore objective and without commercial spin. In the last year, AB&A has been commissioned by one of Malaysia's foremost hotel chains to oversee its security regime. The advice proffered not only covered physical security, but extended to personnel management, crisis and contingency planning, and included seminars and staff training modules.

Employee Vetting
The selection and hiring of employees is a core business issue upon which commercial success often hinges. But, all too often, even a seemingly rigorous selection process can prove flawed - often because those making the decisions do not have all the facts to hand.

There are times when appearances can be deceptive. Some resumes and letters of recommendation prove to be flawed, with conspicuous omissions or false letters and references being provided. Some employers choose to release "under-performing or difficult" staff with extravagant and unwarranted recommendations. Once employed, it can be difficult and expensive to take disciplinary action.

A past record is often the most telling indicator of future performance. Staff related problems that might be anticipated could include:

    1. Under-performance
    2. Lack of core skills and competencies
    3. Personality issues
    4. Conflict of interest
    5. Contravention of corporate compliance issues, etc.
The level and depth of screening required is usually determined by the nature of the position to be filled. It is, however, important to remember that even junior level employees can have access to proprietary information or processes critical to the smooth and efficient running of the company.

Joint Venture: Partner Watch
The Joint Venture (JV) or business partnership is a favoured vehicle by which international companies develop and conduct business is Asia. At its best, it combines local knowledge and connections with international resources and capability - often a winning combination.

JVs require both sides to surrender some corporate freedoms and control for the - hopefully - greater benefits of the alliance. If the business relationship is carefully considered, and is conducted in a frank and honest manner, the JV is an ideal vehicle for international companies wishing to work in Asia. In some instances, it is the only choice.

Some JVs, however, fail. There can be a range of reasons for this, but an often cited explanation is a failure of trust within the partnership followed at times accusations of bad faith and malpractice.

    Assessing and Reducing Risk
    Partner Watch seeks to minimize the risks associated with launching and then conducting JVs in Asia. Nothing can altogether remove business risk, but careful research and analysis of business partners can go a long way towards reducing the down-sides
    Client Focused
    We work closely with clients, identifying their particular concerns and worries, and we focus our research on areas of anxiety. We offer independent advice, but see our role as integral to the client's wider corporate needs. We seek prior briefing and guidance from clients and then try to answer their questions.

Due Diligence and Corporate Research
AB&A has developed an enviable reputation for its closely researched and analyzed due diligence and research papers. These offer not simply discreet insights and observations, but are accompanied by assessments and analysis drawn from many years observation of the Malaysian corporate scene. The reports draw on the experience and insights of a wide range of interlocutors and sources.

Over the last 18 months, AB&A has provided a monthly report to a significant oil & gas exploration company, charting political, environmental, social and industry problems impacting on a major infrastructure project. Alongside this, on a regular basis it is asked to assess the reputation and credibility of businessmen and Malaysian and Singapore companies.

Malaysia: Political and Security Outlook
For two years, AB&A has produced a monthly subscriber report focused on security, economic and political events in Malaysia. In 2004, "Malaysia: Political and Security Outlook" will take on a wider perspective and will cover a range of security, IP and other issues. It will be sent to clients on a gratis basis, as part of the general risk service provided by AB&A.

Risk Management, Investment and Business
Thanks to its developed techniques and skills in assessing business risk, and its wide range of corporate contacts and clients, AB&A provides broad business support and facilitation for overseas companies wishing to engage in business in South East Asia. Over the last year, it has been instrumental in securing a significant IT contract in Brunei; the development of a major joint venture enterprise in the aviation industry, and on a running basis manages a fast-developing oil and gas industry training programme.

Conferences, Seminars and Training
On a periodic basis, AB&A runs industry conferences and seminars, linked to specific risk and security themes. It also provides a range of training modules, particualry in the areas of crisis management. In 2005, worked with a major international tobacco company offerring a range of specialist training modules.